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African Teak

African Teak

Wood with black streaks and wavy or twisted grain. Wood figure is mostly interior to that of Asian teak. Ghana teak is close and straight grained with uniform golden Brown colour, Available in 3 grades.



Reddish brown coloured wood with multi-coloured streaks ranging from purple to Black. Wood darkens with exposure to air, has coarse texture and irregular grain with Variable figure


Burma Teak

Dark yellow wood when harvester but turn  medium to dark brown when exposed to  air , Straight to wavy grained hardwood with legendary durability


Sal Wood

The wood is pale when freshly cut and tends to grow dark brown on Exposure. It is coarse grained, hard and of fibrous structure. Annual rings  are visible in young trees or on freshly cut wood. Sal wood is one of the Three naturally lasting timbers of the Asian subcontinent.




Merbau is very resistant to termites, and  compares with Hickory for Durability , but is less dense. Structurally, Merbau is very stable. Merbau’s Colouring undergoes a darkening to a richer orangey brown colour after Installation, with a general muting of the variation of colour present when Freshly milled.



Reddish brown timber with darker streaks, Locally specked with dark gummy exudations, Spawood is pale reddish. Pyinkado is a useful timber where strength, durability and beauty is required.



Typically a dark reddish brown, or purplish brown; commonly with white resin streaks present, Has a coarse texture with small pores.

Neem Wood

Neem Wood

As useful as its leaves and branches are, the neem wood is also widely used domestic hardwood. The moisture content is 8-12% giving it better decay resistance. The wood is absolutely free

Pine Wood

Pine Wood

Pine is a building and construction timber, also used for joinery and interiors(doors , parquets, windows) and furniture pine is largely used for BlockBoards and Flush Door


Silver Oak

Widely used in the building constructions and centering purposes along with the packaging applications make this softwood a highly sought after wood.